A high-quality chef’s knife is a must-have tool for every home cook. It’s considered the workhorse of kitchen knives because you can use it for everything—slicing meat, chopping vegetables, mincing herbs—you name it.

You can spend a small fortune on an ultra high-end chef’s knife, however, if you do your research, you can find plenty of quality options from well-known brands for less than $100.

If you’re in the market for a new chef’s knife and you’re looking to find the best one for your money, keep reading.

Check out these best chef knives under 100 dollars that you can purchase online right now, with specific informations.

J.A. Henckels 31161-201

henckels is really good.

Crafted by the renowned German company J.A. Henckels, this 8-inch chef knife from the International Classic series is one of the best chef knives under 100. As with any distinguished knife company, design is of the essence. This Henckels piece follows a classy German-style outline, complete with a three-riveted, non-slip polymer handle.

You can rest assured that the blade is genuine German stainless steel too, and that it is high in carbon.

The full-length tang ensures balance and precision at all times, whether you dice, chop, slice or mince your ingredients. Additionally, the full bolster will help you enjoy cutting at an ideal weight while preparing meals.


There’s no doubting the quality of pieces crafted by J.A. Henckels, from the blade to the grip and more. However, there are some QA concerns that we hope the company will keep in mind for future models. A number of customers are pleased that the blade is incredibly sharp, but they’re worried that the spine isn’t filed down properly. Aside from that, the 8-inch Henckels is a superstar in the kitchen, spectacularly performing for all common purposes.

  • Extremely sharp.
  • Reliable all-purpose knife.
  • Very sturdy and well-balanced.
  • Lifetime warranty by J.A. Henckels.
  • Spine has poor finish.
  • Edge may not resist.

Wüsthof 4582/16

wusthof is cool.

This Wüsthof model is a prime example of German quality and design. With a smart, three-riveted polymer handle, the 6-inch model won’t cause imbalance or risk slipping from your hands.

Moreover, the hand-honed blade is actually made from authentic German high carbon stainless steel, as all Wüsthof knives are crafted in Solingen.

The company uses their signature Precision Edge Technology to forge a blade with a hardness of 58 on the Rockwell scale.


Although Wustof chef knives are undoubtedly high quality, the company sadly seems to have a few QA issues. You will most likely receive a top-of-the-line knife in excellent condition, but there are a few cases of defective products reaching customers.

Also, if a 6-inch knife is not your top choice, you can find this same tool in a 4.5-inches version and all the way up to a 12-inches one.

  • Cuts extremely well.
  • Simple to sharpen.
  • Fine weight.
  • Remarkable balance.
  • Finger guard and full bolster.
  • Triple riveted full tang.
  • May not hold an edge long or arrive blunt.
  • Unsafe packaging from some Amazon sellers, according to several reviews.


sky light is awesome

With a classic German style silhouette, the SKY LIGHT knife is a beauty to look at. The triple-riveted handle is not only pretty, but it also provides a satisfying grip and all-around balance when cutting.

You can use this lovely budget knife for mincing, chopping, dicing or slicing meat or produce without a sweat.


You will definitely be surprised by this knife’s quality. It may be the least expensive stainless steel knife on our list and you may not know the company (or know it that well), but you will surely love using it.

Cutting with is as smooth as it can be, while its smart design will help you maneuver the piece with extreme ease.

  • Full-size German HC stainless steel chef knife.
  • Clean and smooth cutting.
  • Great grip on handle (made of Military-grade High Polymer).
  • Easy to use and maneuver.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Unresponsive customer service.
  • Relatively unknown brand.


kutt the best.

In spite of its budget knife price tag, the KUTT piece looks and feels like a high-end chef knife. Their clean logo is tastefully printed on the 8-inch blade, while the knife itself comes in a beautifully lined gift box with almost everything you’ll need when using it.

The stainless steel soap bar will help remove any unpleasant odors after cutting, the finger guard will keep you safe while slicing, and the cleaning cloth will greatly aid with its long-term maintenance.

Although it is a new, family-owned business, KUTT is sure to be on the rise thanks to their great products, as well as their marvelous customer service.


KUTT wants to stand out through stellar customer service as it fully stands by its lifetime warranty and the small business personally reaches out to any seemingly unsatisfied customers to try to find and offer a solution.

Another great thing about this company’s products is that you can use the knife and the additional tools straight out of the box.

As a side note, never put your KUTT piece (or any other chef knife) in the dishwasher. Still, make sure to clean and dry it after each use.

  • Amazing value with all the added accessories.
  • Effective odor removing soap bar and finger guard.
  • Graceful design and packaging.
  • Lifetime warranty and outstanding customer service.
  • Complaints of handle splinting.
  • May dull quickly.
  • Might develop rust spots if not cared for well.


Whether you’re seeking Japanese inspiration or premium German quality, you can enjoy a variety of reliable chef knives without breaking the bank.

Still, before choosing one of these best chef knives under 100 dollars (or any chef knife, really), be sure to check features like sharpness, balance, weight, grip, and hardness.

Don’t hesitate to share your personal favorite with us in the comments (or tell us all about other best chef knives under 100 dollars.


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