Nothing can be disgusting like running out of ice and especially in those hot summer days when you have guests or in a party. The stress of having to walk all the way to your local store to buy ice cubes for your guests can ruin the fun.

Worse still, you find that your local store does not have enough ice to cater for the day. It can be frustrating. But not anymore! With a portable ice maker, your summer days will never be the same again, thanks to the technological advancements used to design these devices.

Ice makers feature fast freeze technology which enables you to produce ice within a short period.​ However, with the ever-increasing number of brands in the market, it can be hard to determine the right ice maker to buy.

We understand well how bad ice can screw up your drinks and we are here to help you make the right decision. We have carefully selected and reviewed some of the quality ice makers in the market to help you choose the best portable ice maker that matches your needs.

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Frigidaire EFIC108 – The best ice maker

The Frigidaire EFIC108 made enough ice for two small drinks in about seven minutes, and about 15 small drinks within an hour—just a bit quicker than any other model we tested.

The ice also came out colder and stayed cold for longer than ice from other models, so it should melt slower. (Most models make the same size of bullet-shaped ice.)

The Frigidaire also takes up less counter space than most portable ice makers, and it’s lighter and easier to lift. The underside drain plug makes it easier to empty after use, too.

Speaking of ice production time, this model can deliver 26 pounds of ice per day, which is considered standard among portable ice machines, but below average for nugget ice makers. The time needed for making a batch of ice from scratch is around 6 minutes.

Another spec worth mentioning is a low energy consumption rate. Lower electricity need is especially important to people who plan to use this ice maker inside their campers or RVs

  • Functionality is doubled with the options to make both clear (large and medium) and nugget (small) ice cubes.
  • Among nugget ice machines, this one is by far the lightest, weighing a total of 19 pounds.
  • The ice machine requires no water inlet, and all the water from melted ice goes back into the system, thus increasing the unit’s productivity and effectiveness.
  • Being that it is a portable unit, it does not deliver vast amounts of nugget ice as other nugget ice machines do.
  • In order to get that clear ice, this appliance needs to be cleaned often, which can sometimes be a nuisance.

Della Premium Portable Ice Maker – Same model, different label

The Della Premium Portable Ice Maker is almost the same machine as the Frigidaire EFIC108, with a slightly different motor as well as some minor cosmetic differences. It’s one of several models that are essentially identical (among a bunch more that are quite similar, even if they have different capacities).

Most of them are sold by the same company, Curtis International, which likely sources them from the same original manufacturer and then leases the rights to use familiar brand names (like Frigidaire or Igloo) to help the products stand out.

Speaking of controls, the panel on top has LED light indicators for power, ice cube production mode, water reservoir status (“refill needed”) and ice storage status (“full”). These indicators will, when combined with the transparent lid, always keep you informed of how much ice you have, and when it is time to refill the water inside.

Another feature that we found extra-convenient is the low noise level of this ice machine. While it makes ice, it almost makes no noise. This feature is especially useful if you need to leave it to make ice overnight.

  • The ice machine takes only 6 minutes to deliver a batch of fresh ice.
  • The energy efficiency of this model makes it an excellent addition to an RV, camper or a boat.
  • As mentioned in its user manual, the manufacturer included an ice scoop with the ice machine.
  • This portable ice machine cannot make large ice cubes.
  • Due to its design, some people find it hard to match the ice maker’s color with the rest of the kitchen.

NewAir AI-100R 28 Pound Portable Icemaker

With this NewAir ice maker, you do not need to run to your local store for ice. The ice maker boasts of its sleek and convenient design which makes it a great countertop model. AI-100R series can make up to 28 pounds in just a single day to ensure that you do not lack ice when you need it.

Worried about wait time? Well, this ice maker will get your ice cubes ready in just 15 minutes. No installation is required. All you need is to put water and plug it into a power source and leave the rest to the machine.

NewAir AI-100R has a handy control panel which allows you to select your preferred ice cubes sizes from small, medium and large. Operating the machine has never been easy, thanks to its electronic controls.

Everything is automated and no need to worry. When water levels go down or when your ice is ready, the device will automatically detect and alert you to take the necessary action.

Its portable and compact design also makes the device one of the best portable ice makers for RV. The material used to construct the machine is durable which guarantees you years of extended use.​Cleaning the device has also been simplified. Once you are done, all you need to do is to unplug the machine and drain water through the side mounted drain.

  • Reliable and long-lasting.
  • The design of the ice cubes it produces ensures maximum ice surface area.
  • Environmentally-friendly.
  • ​Portable.
  • ​Produces 28 pounds of ice per day.
  • ​Easy to clean.
  • ​15 minutes freezing cycle.
  • Produces wet ice, not hard-frozen ice, which doesn’t last as long.
  • The cubes in the first batch seem to stick to each other.
  • The empty water tank light turns on even with water still left in the tank.
  • Although well insulated, it’s not a freezer, so any ice left in the container will eventually melt.

Igloo ICE103 Counter Top Ice Maker with Over – Sized Ice Bucket

Igloo is a leading manufacturer of cooling appliances, and for years now, the company has supplied high-end products that meet consumer’s needs, and this ice maker is not an exception. In as little as six minutes, this Igloo ice maker will get your ice cubes ready.

Igloo ice maker can hold 2.2lbs at a time with a daily production of up to 26lbs. This is pretty good quantity to make sure you never run out of ice. Whether you need small, medium or large sized ice cubes, this Igloo ICE103 will help you customize your ice size through its electronic controls.

With this ICE103 series, you do not require any installation. Just put water in the reservoir and plug the maker into a power source and wait for your ice cubes to be ready.​

The ice maker boasts of its stainless steel construction which allows you to enjoy years of extended use. Moving the ice maker around is easy. Whether you are out camping, on your boat, or in a party, this ice maker will ensure you have your preferred sized ice cubes anytime anywhere.

  • Prepare ice in 6 minutes
  • ​Portable
  • ​Stainless steel construction
  • ​Easy to use
  • ​Automated electronic controls
  • May be considered heavy in comparison to other portable machines
  • No self-cleaning function
  • Ice bucket area is not insulated
  • No automatic overflow protection

Koldfront KIM202WUltra Compact Portable Ice Maker

Are you looking for the best portable clear ice maker? Then this ice maker from Koldfront is worth a try. The device freezes fast churning out your ice in less than 10 minutes.

Koldfront ice maker holds 1.5lbs of ice at once and can produce up to 26lbs in a day. Its interior is well insulated to ensure you get crispy ice cubes all the time. Through its electric touch function, you can easily customize your ice cubes or power the machine on or off.

The device boats of its innovative water use design. With this maker, you do not have to worry about high water bills. The device has water recycling feature which re-uses water from melted ice to make more ice saving you time and water.

Its portable and compact design makes the ice maker not only ideal for RV but also a pretty good size which can fit well on the boat or cabins. Though insulated, it is not recommended to be used as a freezer.

  • Fast freezing technology
  • ​Innovative water use design
  • ​26lbs daily production
  • ​Insulated on its interior
  • No drain requirement
  • No locking system
  • Self-closing door is not available

Reasons Why Portable Ice Makers Are The Best

Wondering why you should own a portable ice maker? Here are reasons why.


Buying ice cubes from your local store is costly. With a Portable ice maker, you can prepare large quantities of ice fast enough which means you will always have enough supply all the time. Also, having an ice maker allows you to enjoy fresh ice cubes anywhere anytime.

Fast freeze technology

Modern ice makers are designed using fast freeze technology. Typically, a modern ice maker will take between six to fifteen minutes to prepare your ice which is a pretty good wait time.

Easy to use

Ice makers do not require any installation process. All you need is to put water inside and plug into a power source, and you are good to go. Ice makers have fewer buttons which makes them easy for anyone to operate.

​Highly portable

As the name suggests, these appliances are highly portable. Whether you require ice for your home use or outdoor use, a portable ice maker is the best way to navigate through. The devices feature a compact design which fits perfectly well in your boat, RV or on your kitchen counter.

​Ability to customize your ice cube sizes

Modern ice makers have advanced features which allow you to not only enjoy fresh ice cubes but also have the freedom to customize the size.

High-quality ice

Depending on your home refrigerator to make ice cubes can disappoint you and chances are your ice may have an odor of food, fruits or meat. These odors stick on your ice cubes which end up screwing up your drinks.  

A portable ice maker ensures you enjoy fresh and crispy ice cubes anywhere anytime.

Care and maintenance

Mold and slime can grow inside ice makers because they’re wet, dark, and warm when they’re not in use. The good news is, if you’ve ever cleaned a coffee maker you know how to clean an ice maker.

First unplug it and remove the ice tray. Wipe the interior with a cloth or paper towel, making sure to reach all the corners and recesses. (If it’s especially filthy, pour some white vinegar on the cloth before using it.) Do the same with the ice tray.

Make a cleaning solution with a 10-1 ratio of water to white vinegar or lemon juice, then run that solution through a few normal ice cycles and toss out the ice. Drain the machine and wipe the interior with a clean cloth or paper towel. Fill the receptacle with clean water and run a few normal cycles, discarding the ice after each; this will remove any excess cleaning solution in the unit.


Overall, Portable ice makers are handy, compact, easy to maintain and do not require any installation. For you to enjoy all the benefits that come along with owning one, you should find a device that matches your needs. All the products we have reviewed are a good pick for your ice production needs, only if used for the recommended purpose.

With all the detailed guide and information we have provided, we are sure by now you have found the best portable maker. If not yet, you can go back and check out from the list the one that matches your needs.


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