Drones have become the number one selling gadget for film makers, professional photographers and surveyors. Read this Blade 720 Drone Review to find out more!

You may ask why is that? Asides from the fun of piloting a drone, they are used in taking professional aerial footages of activities happening below.

This is why film makers need this gadget to get unique angles of video clips as well as photographers in take perfect pictures.

Most drones are expensive and difficult to operate but if you’re looking for a less expensive drone that gives you all the experience of a drone, you are in the right place.

I give you Blade 720 Drone an innovative drone that meets the needs of people and is user-friendly.

What is the Blade 720 Drone?

Blade 720 Drone is a portable, drone with durable design. This drone is a combination of amazing features, with a 720p HD camera and an altitude hold mode, you’ll be able to take pictures and videos from unique aerial angles that are so sharp and clear.

This drone gives you a flight time of 10 to 15 minutes allowing you pilot this mini copter with an easy to operate remote controller.

With an anti-colliding technology, you don’t have to worry about hitting tree branches or walls, because this drone automatically steers clear of obstacles to avoid damaging.

Also, with the panorama mode you can take 360 degree images, and capture still images at a wide angle of 120 degrees with a supported resolution of 720P.

Then with the gesture mode, which is another amazing feature. You can draw a path on your Smartphone for your drone to fly through while taking a video footage as well as making hand signs to your drone  to take pictures.

You’ll need to download the App on your Smartphone and connect or sync with your drone to begin using this awesome features.

About Blade 720 Drone Review

Blade 720 Drone is a lightweight, portable, durable drone that can be used for various stuffs.

You can fly this drone with its controller or through the app installed in your Smart gadget (Smartphone, tablets). The app is free on Google and Apple store, so feel free to download it and enjoy.

When flying Blade 720 Drone, it’s important to know that you must not exceed 2 km of distance from your drone, because you’ll lose connection and your drone will begin to descend.

With a 720 HD camera, even at a distance of 2 km you’ll be able to see all details clearly with good light exposure.

Blade 720 Drone has a gravity sensory system that lets you avoid obstacles, even when navigating manually via the remote control, this drone steers clear automatically to avoid damaging.

Also, Blade 720 Drone has a battery life of 10 to 15 minutes. This means you have 10 to 15 minutes of flight time more than enough to take as many photos as possible.

If you need extra flight time you might want to go for a higher drone or buy extra LiPO battery. These batteries take up to 60 minutes to charge fully.

Features Of Blade 720 Drone

  • Portable Design: Blade 720 Drone has a foldable design that allows you fold in the propellers, which make it easy to package and transport anywhere with it comfortably.
  • Smartphone Control: This feature allows you connect or sync your phone or tablet the drone via an App downloaded on Google or Apple store for free.
  • Flight Time: This is one of the feature you should look out for when purchasing a drone. Flight time tells you just how long the drone can stay on air before the battery is drained out. Now, Blade 720 Drone might not have a very impressive flight time but most drones out there in the market don’t come close to its flight time. The flight time can be increased by purchasing extra batteries, that is if you want a longer time.
  • Anti-Collision Technology: This feature ensures that you don’t fly into obstacles, which may lead to damaging of the propellers. When flying towards an obstacle, the drone automatically steers clear from the obstacle to avoid collision.
  • Virtual Reality Mode: This mode can be enabled, and is compatible with any Smartphone through an App installed on your mobile phone. Flying your drone is much easier with the virtual reality mode turned on.
Blade 720 Drone Review
  • Smart Gesture Recognition Control: This feature lets you draw a path on your Smartphone for your drone to fly through while taking a video footage. You can even make hand signs to take picture. Also, with a push on a button, the drone returns to its starting point.
  • Altitude Hold Mode: This feature allows you steady your drone on air at a fix location and angle, while capturing incredibly sharp and clear pictures.
  • Panorama Mode: The panorama mode lets you take 360 degree images, and capture still images at a wide angle of 120 degrees with a supported resolution of 720P. Also, Blade 720 Drone is easy to access control and highly durable just like the Drone X Pro.

Technical Specifications

CAMERA:It has a 720p HD camera to record videos and take high resolution photos.
DIMENSIONS:When the blades are folded the dimensions are 6.2cm x 4.9cm x 3cm.
MAX SPEED:50 mph.
REMOTE CONTROL:It has a 2.4 GHz foldable remote control that can be attached to your mobile phone for viewing of images and videos during flight.
COMPATIBILITY:Compatible with Android and ios(apple).
OPTICAL FLOW SENSOR:Stabilizes your camera during flight, allowing you take clear pictures and videos under windy weather.

How Does Blade 720 Drone Work

Like every other drone out there, Blade 720 Drone works alike with an easy to fly guide. With a push on one button you drone is already in air for you to move around with.

Blade 720 Drone is designed with amazing features to guide you when taking awesome photos and videos. It can spin in air and do loops for fun, and has a stability feature to take sharp pictures without shaking.

Also you can use hand signs to make the drone take pictures or video clips of you with the smart gesture recognition control feature.

What Comes With Blade 720 Drone in The Box

  • A Blade 720 Drone.
  • 1 Battery and a USB charger cable.
  • An extra 4 spare propellers.
  • A user Blade 720 Drone Review Manual (written in English).
  • A screwdriver for fixing propellers.

How To Assemble a Blade 720 Drone

Some people say drones are hard to operate, but not Blade 720 Drone. This drone is by far so simple and easy to couple and use than any other drone out there.

That is why we recommend Blade 720 Drone for beginners. With these few steps, you should be able to assemble Blade 720 Drone and begin to use it.


  1. Open the box and take out the drone and every other item included.
  2. Pick up the screw in the items you collected and connect the blades to the copter.
  3. Now, download the app on Google play for Android and Apple store for ios users.
  4. Connect or sync the app to your drone, follow the included guide and connect your device to the included remote control.
  5. Fully charge this drone and press the takeoff button.
  6. Practice with the recommended basic maneuvers and begin with moving from point 1 to point 2, fly in circles. If you are done practicing, then take it out side and explore the capabilities of this awesome gadget.
Blade 720 Drone Review

What You Can Do With Blade 720 Drone

You can do all kind of stuffs with Blade 720 Drone. If you enjoy outdoor activities and, looking for a drone to capture every moment for you, Blade720Drone is just right for you.

Things you can do with Blade 720 Drone:

  • Blade 720 Drone can be used when camping or hunting during weekends.
  • You can have fun piloting this super agile drone that flies at a maximum speed of 50 Mph in air.
  • Blade 720 Drone can be used to take semi professional aerial photos and videos in occasion, weddings and birthday parties.
  • You can have an aerial view of your surrounding in real time when flying the drone, while connected to your Smartphone.


  • Blade 720Drone is portable, durable and easy to control.
  • It is affordable.
  • Blade 720 Drone provides advanced stability for easy flying experience.
  • It has a 720P HD camera for high quality footage.
  • Blade720Drone comes with a gravity sensor that prevents colliding.
  • It is compatible with android and ios.


  • It can only be purchased online, this is very important to avoid scammers from selling this product.
  • Quickly running out of stock due to high demand.

Who Needs the Blade 720 Drone

Drones have become very popular these days, at the rate which different companies produce them across the globe. I believe this drone is turning out to be very valuable for nature lovers and professionals in filming, surveying, photography, and even for security purposes.

This drone comes at a cheap price compared to other brands, but still provides you with amazing features. However, with the increase in production of this gadget, if you happen to be a photographer, cinematographer or just love seeing things from above, then I believe you’ll love to have Blade 720 Drone by your side.

This Drone gives you flying time of 10 to 15minutes, most similar products don’t last this long in air. With Blade 720 Drone you’ll have the ability to steer, as well as monitor from above what’s going on up there. In air, this drone can perform a 360-degree loop by a simple click on a button on the remote control.

Also, Blade 720 Drone is a very popular selfie drone with vital features. Blade720Drone is super portable, allowing you squeeze it into any bag or large pocket when traveling.

Final Thoughts

We can all agree that Blade 720 Drone is amazing. Not only does it grant you unique features, it’s also is really cheap. It can be gotten for just $100, so what are you waiting for, grab yourself a Blade 720 Drone and begin to explore with this new innovative drone.

You don’t need to be an expert in flying drone to be able to use this drone. This drone is ideal for beginners, with its high quality ABS plastic material which makes it tough and at the same time light-weighted. Blade 720 Drone is not fragile, it can take a hit and still serve you well.

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