Byte Review: What is Byte?

Byte is a small, lightweight, C-shaped mouthpiece you wear over your aligners for five minutes per day. It discharges high-frequency vibration, sending vibrations through your gums and to the foundations of your teeth.

Studies have shown that using gentle vibration diminishes inconvenience, reduces treatment times, and accelerates the pace of tooth development.

This sounds great indeed, i was somewhat scared by the Hyperbyte gadget before I used it. I’m sensitive to vibrations, and five minutes daily is quite a while to use an awkward gadget.

Nonetheless, it’s less powerful than an electric toothbrush, so it was totally painless. The hardest part was making sure to do it consistently. I suggest adding it to your every day tooth brushing routine so you remember.

The utilization of a high-frequency vibration mouthpiece isn’t restrictive to the Byte system. However, Hyperbyte is Byte’s restrictive rendition of one of these mouthpieces, so you won’t find this particular item anyplace else.

Byte Review

What You Need to Know About Byte Teeth aligners [Byte Review]

Byte Effectiveness

Orthodontic treatment is an investment, so you would prefer not to focus on a specific organization without realizing that it can deliver your ideal outcomes.

Much the same as other home-based clear aligner treatment items, byte is intended to address basic misalignment issues like minor separating and crowding. For more extreme conditions like bite misalignments, it probably won’t have the ability to accomplish significant teeth and jaw developments. This is the reason the impression kit is so important, and byte’s dental specialists will be upfront with you about whether their treatment can accomplish the outcomes you need.

Byte works with more than 200 authorized dental specialists and orthodontists cross country to get ready and administer their clients’ treatment plans.

Byte Convenience

Beside cost, perhaps the greatest hindrance to seeking after a more comfortable smile is the time duty of traditional orthodontics. Making time to visit the dental specialist’s office in the middle of all your different obligations probably won’t top your must do list. All things considered, it’s not actually an outing to the sea shore. Quit worrying about getting some time off work and delaying your ventures to see the dental specialist consistently.

Beside the month to month time commitment, traditional orthodontic treatments aren’t in every case quick. If you have an important occasion coming up this year (not a few years not far off) and need to complete treatment ASAP, your alignment probably won’t be finished as expected.

Home aligner organizations like byte make the process more helpful by delivery the aligners to your home, so you invest less energy in the patient seat and additional time carrying on with your life. Most home aligners treatments accomplish your ideal outcomes in 6-months, a lot quicker than the normal 1-year and a half for braces and a year for Invisalign. Also, byte takes it a big step with their 2-4 month treatment window, the quickest among home aligner choices.

Byte is obviously more advantageous than Invisalign or braces. Yet, how can it stack facing other home aligner companies? There are a few differences that make certain brands stand out as pretty much advantageous.

In deciding our convenience rating, we think about the startup trouble, aligner shipping time, and in general treatment length(how long it takes to see result).

Byte Review

Byte Affordability

The exorbitant price tag for braces and Invisalign has made teeth alignment a significant money burden. Furthermore, in light of the fact that it’s regularly an absolutely restorative treatment, some health guarantees don’t cover it, and when they do, they normally repay only a bit of the expense.

A significant advantage of home teeth alignment systems like byte is the value point, particularly contrasted with conventional treatment. The increase of at-home teeth alignment innovation has expanded access to orthodontic treatment for a huge level of individuals. Home aligner products commonly cost somewhere in the range of $1,500 and $2,000, essentially more affordable than Invisalign, which can cost $3,000 – $8,000.

The total expense to buy an aligner unit from byte is less than a $100 for All-Day aligners and At-Night treatment. This is marginally higher than some other home aligner alternatives yet incorporates free whitening, aftercare retainers, and the HyperByte gadget.

This price tag takes care of the expense of your treatment plan, clear aligners, teeth whitening, and the HyperByte gadget, but not your impression kit (which is $95). byte additionally incorporates your first arrangement of retainers with the price tag, which will save you some cash toward the finish of your treatment. Other services, as SmileDirectClub, do exclude retainers in the underlying cost and rather up-sell the retainer toward the finish of treatment for around $100. In general, we think byte offers sensibly solid overall incentive for the first rate treatment and technology you’ll get.

Byte Appearance

Grown-ups wanting to straighten their teeth frequently pick the most un-detectable choice. Many are hesitant to go to a interview, date, meeting, or special event. Due to this reasons, clear aligners’ low profile – particularly when compared with braces – is a key selling point. Since they’re so discreet, clear aligners will in general score well as far as style, and byte is no exception.

All things considered, not all clear aligners appear to be identical. While all clear aligners are produced using see-through, BPA-free plastic, each brand looks a bit different because of varieties in materials and assembling processes.

byte aligners are made of a gleaming, BPA-free plastic, very unique in relation to the somewhat iced aligners from Candid, SmileDirectClub, or Invisalign. Our feeling is that frosted aligners look to some degree more normal than shiny ones since natural teeth are permeable (that is the reason teeth can absorb stains from coffee and red wine). Those pores cause natural teeth to seem matte, not smooth and glossy, so matte aligners may draw less attention. In any case, various individuals have diverse stylish inclinations, and a few clients really like the plastic’s shininess. They feel it makes their smile glimmer. The smooth, shiny plastic byte uses shouldn’t really discourage you, however it is an interesting point when settling on your decision.

Byte aligners are cut straight across at the top (as opposed to scalloped to follow the gumline like Invisalign), which influences their appearance and effectiveness. Since the aligners cover the gums, others might have the option to see where the aligners end when you smile, yet most clients don’t find straight-cut aligners more noticeable than scalloped ones.

In addition, straight-cut aligners serve a significant purpose. With in-office clear aligner treatment like Invisalign, a dental specialist will regularly put extraordinary connections on the teeth that help anchor the clear aligners set up, positioning the teeth all the more effectively. Since home aligners like Byte don’t include face to face visits, these connections are impossible. A straight cut, however seemingly less ideal appearance-wise, helps grasp the teeth better and can apply up to 4x the amount of power.

Byte Customer Friendliness

Dental treatment is costly, and you just have one set of teeth. It’s critical to feel totally certain that your treatment supplier will treat you right and have your back in the event that anything turns out badly. Byte strives to give a decent customer experience prior, during, and after your treatment. Byte offers 100% US-based customer care and is responsive on all channels.

Byte is a profound customer oriented organization. They provide more means to contact support and offer extensive online assets, so getting your inquiries addressed is genuinely simple. Byte is accessible by telephone on weekend days from 8am-6pm Pacific time just as through email and online media. If you connect via social media, you can expect feedback within 24 hours.

What’s more, every patient is allotted their own byte counsel, who additionally helps answer questions and checks in by means of email all through the patient’s treatment timeline. It just like having your very own manual for the process.

Byte Review

Benefits of Byte Teeth Aligners [Byte Review]


Byte offers one of the most advantageous teeth fixing systems available. Everything is done from home, so you never need to visit a dentist. It’s ideal for occupied individuals who don’t have a lot of time to spare, to dedicate to improving their appearance.

You should simply make sure to wear and change out the clear aligners as instructed. You’ll likewise need to utilize the Hyperbyte system every day.

Representing myself, doing this was a lot simpler than making sure to plan an orthodontist’s arrangement, take the time off work, and afterward make sure to do everything the doctor instructed me.

Likewise, because you never go to the orthodontist’s office doesn’t mean you won’t be closely checked. Their orthodontists will keep tabs on your development remotely, checking in with you every 2-weeks to ensure that your treatment plan is functioning as it ought to be.

All things considered, if you lean toward having an orthodontist examine your teeth face to face over accommodation, Byte may not be ideal for you.


In case you’re unsure about wearing braces, Byte aligners are undetectable, making them extremely difficult to notice. This makes them more available for more older clients specifically, as any individual who feels they’re “excessively old” to begin wearing braces may discover invisible aligners all the more engaging.

Try not to misunderstand me, however — they’re not totally invisible. Your bite will be somewhat “off” while wearing them, so individuals may see your smile appears to be different.

Additionally, it takes a couple of days to become accustomed to wearing them. Your speech might be a bit diverse until you get the hang of talking with them in your mouth. In case you’re amazingly self-conscious, you ought to most likely beginning the process at the end of the week.

Actually, I couldn’t have cared less if individuals realized I was wearing them or not. I was substantially more hesitant about my crooked teeth than my aligners. The vast majority had no clue I had them in, however.

Byte Review

Very Effective

Byte is just as compelling the same number of other teeth straightening system like Invisalign. Truth be told, it works more quickly than numerous others, as their treatment time is just 2-4 months on average.

However, you should know in advance that Byte isn’t for serious dental issues. It’s just for gentle to moderate rectifications. Much else extraordinary than that will probably require conventional braces and a more extended treatment plan.

There’s no risk to attempting it, however. Their doctors will have the option to tell if they can help you after they survey your impression kit. If they can’t, they’ll refund the expense of the kit.

My front teeth were a little crooked, however the circumstance wasn’t horribly serious, so I figured I would be a decent candidate for Byte. Sufficiently sure, around a month subsequent to sending in my impression kit, they approved me for the system.

It worked, as well. After a little more than a quarter of a year, I had totally straight teeth, so I’m surely a believer to the effectiveness of the Byte system.

Byte Review

Pros of Using Byte [Byte Review]

  • Byte works a lot quicker than other clear aligners. By using high-frequency vibration innovation, byte delivers results within 3 months overall.
  • When it comes to customer care, Byte dominates a long ways past the opposition. In contrast to other organizations, Byte allocates each patient a U.S.- based personal consultant to be their go-to for any inquiries or concerns.
  • They’re the only supplier that puts a lifetime guarantee on your smile. In the event that your teeth move after you complete Byte treatment — even a very long time down the line — they’ll give you new aligners to realign them for nothing!
  • Byte likewise offer night-time only treatment. Byte’s “At-Night” aligners are made of a thicker, pound safe plastic and just require 10 hours of ceaseless wear every day.
  • Affordable price tag.
  • It affirms everybody for financing. This implies you can begin with treatment rapidly and without affecting your financial assessment.

Cons of Byte [Byte Review]

  • They don’t presently offer teeth-checking services, so you’ll have to arrange an impression kit to begin with Byte treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Byte Teeth Aligner [Byte Review]

Will my teeth hurt while using Byte?

They’ll be moderate pain for a couple of days, yes. That is an unavoidable part of aligning your teeth. However, the discomfort isn’t serious and it disappears rapidly. If you have to, you can take an OTC painkiller to bring some relief from the pain.

What if by chance something turns out badly while I’m using Byte?

If it’s a minor problem, contact Byte and let them know. They’ll hit you up immediately with guidelines on what to do.

If it’s an all out dental crisis, however, you’ll need to find a emergency dental specialist to take care of the situation.

Can byte be able to address my condition?

It depends. Byte is incredibly powerful in treating mild and moderate problems of crowding and spacing, yet it probably won’t have the option to address jaw misalignments like overbite, underbite, crossbite, and so forth. The best way to know without a doubt is to finished an impression kit. Subsequent to assessing your teeth, byte’s dental specialists will inform you as to whether their aligners can make the alignments you’re after.

What amount of time will it require?

Byte’s normal treatment time is only 3 months, but each case is different. There’s a good possibility that your case will fall around 3 months, but it could take longer or much more limited relying upon the seriousness and intricacy of your condition. Go with their night-time treatment and you’ll be taking a look at 4-6 months all things considered.

Does insurance cover byte’s treatment?

Once in a while truly, some of the time no. Certain suppliers label at-home aligners a “restorative” treatment and decline to cover it. But, if your arrangement incorporates orthodontic advantages, you may get fractional inclusion. Check with your insurance provider to check whether you can get halfway repayment for your treatment.

Is Byte safe?

However long you use it effectively, yes. They use completely authorized orthodontists to both survey your impression kit and monitor your advancement, so you’ll be in good hands the whole time.

Does Byte offer teeth brightening?

They won’t give you an in-office treatment, but they do incorporate BrightByte, their exclusive whitening system, with each buy. BrightByte incorporates a 3-in 1 foam cleanser, whitening gel, and breath freshener.

Would i be able to eat and drink while wearing the aligners?

No, you need to take them out in case you’re eating or drinking anything but water.

Is home aligner treatment safe?

Truly! While controlling treatment from home may appear to be overwhelming, the process is safe. Home aligner services utilize authorized dental specialists to make your treatment plan and design your aligners. Despite the fact that you won’t meet with them face to face, each organization offers hearty customer assistance services if something doesn’t feel very right.

Byte Review

Customer Reviews on the Byte Product [Byte Review]

In this Byte Review, Let’s take a look at the testimonials from users who have already tried Byte, and see what they’ve been saying.

Alexis F. Oregon,

”I picked Byte for the Smile Guarantee, which I wound up exploiting. It worked generally. My base teeth were truly packed and the top had a few spaces and twisted teeth. Byte completely fixed my top teeth and I love the outcomes. My base teeth however got somewhat crazy. Since the teeth were so packed, before the finish of my 3-month program, I disclosed to them that my teeth were still marginally crooked and that one of my teeth in the front seemed more short than the rest. With the Smile Guarantee they sent me an entirely different  3-month set of aligners to attempt once more, in any event, for the top teeth! I’m so appreciative for that. My top teeth look far better, and the bottoms are still somewhat crooked I actually have a tooth on the base that is shorter than the others… However they did what they could with the technology, and I’m really astonished they worked this well thus quick.

Generally speaking, I got precisely what I needed! After I go to my dental specialist to shave my teeth (to make them all leveled) my smile progess will be absolutely finished!”

Molly, Semmes, AL

”I love Byte. I battled for quite a long time with acting naturally about my smile. Byte is less expensive, has fantastic customer care, and tuned in to the entirety of my requests. My teeth were transformed in only four months and toward the end of my treatment, I had a couple of minor issues I actually needed to address. Byte had me take new forms and planned another round of treatment for me. The best part? That was completely covered under the smile assurance and I didn’t pay anything extra! I prescribe Byte to anybody hoping to improve their smile!”

Byte Reviews

Matthew O. UT

”I have been taking a look at doing orthodontia work for quite a long time, yet never had the opportunity or accounts to complete it, until I discovered Byte. Subsequent to taking the impression kits at home on my timetable, I got back a 3D computerized renderings of how my teeth would change. I at that point chose to try it out, subsequent to being offered a discount code from the Byte representative. Also, being informed my insurance would cover half of the treatment.

The item and treatment went extraordinary, My teeth turned as expected. The reason for my 4 stars, is there insurance customer care division must not have each truly checked with my insurance agency since they denied the case saying they don’t cover at home tele-dentistry. After a few messages, and calls, to Byte’s head of customer service I at long last surrendered and called it a loss of $800 on the grounds that it did not merit my time to continue battling.

Overall, the products are incredible, simply do your own exploration with your insurance beforehand.”

Kristen J. Yakima, WA

”Byte has been astonishing! Their customer assistance is exceptionally brief and they have responded to all of my inquiries. I’ve needed to have refinements and it was a breeze. The hyperbyte is wonderful for decreasing the treatment time and soreness. I recommend them all the time to my loved ones. I actually have half a month left of my treatment but I am amazingly content with the outcomes up until this point.”

Christina C. Irvington, NJ

”I had initially begun with SmileDirect however changed to byte due to the lifetime assurance to straighten my teeth in the event that I ever got unsatisfied with the manner in which my teeth looked. I adored the idea of the treatment plan just being 3 months as opposed to the typical half year. I do encounter some discomfort and sensitivity when changing to the new set of aligners but the hyperbyte has a HUGE effect with regards to managing the torment. The Byte group has consistently been very responsive and accommodating. If I connect with them by means of email the most extreme measure of time it takes to hear back is 1-2 days. I love the advancement that I find in my teeth and I would suggest Byte multiple times over.”

Byte Review

Final Thoughts on the Byte Review

If you are looking for an affordable teeth aligner that will cover does excess spacing or twisted tooth then you should try Byte.

There is a high possibility that it will solve those tooth problem and it comes with a lifetime guarantee, so you have nothing to worry about. Also, the customer service is dedicated, so whatever question you may have you can reach out to them.

But have in mind that it works exceptionally well for mild or moderate teeth spacing or crooked arrangement, so if that is the case, feel free and try out Byte.

Where can i buy this Byte Teeth Aligner?

This Byte Teeth Aligner can simply be bought at the official website. All you need to do is simply click the button below and you will be taken directly to the official page.

The manufacturer is currently giving a 50% discount for all orders placed today. To make things better, they are also offering a free shipping to your door after each purchase.

Byte Teeth Aligner

PS: In case for any reason, you do not like the Byte Teeth Aligner you can simply return it. There is a 30-day Money Back Guarantee for this product if it does not suit your style. This is the best offer you will get on this product. Take advantage of it now.

**Update: Byte Teeth Aligner is currently having an ongoing promo. 
50% off your order today with free shipping.
The promo is on a first-come, first-served basis, so if you delay, you might end up missing out and paying full price.


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