The Ergorelax Review

As we all know sleeping while traveling on a plane is quit hard due to the discomfort of not having a suitable place to rest your head, for this reason we decided to put together the Ergorelax review specifically for our customers. Read this to the end.

However, with a good quality traveling pillow you can get as comfortable as you want in other to fall asleep.

In this article, we will be reviewing ErgoRelax, a uniquely designed travel pillow that has multiple uses. We have looked at some of its uses, its design, and what makes one of the best travel pillows out there today.

What is ErgoRelax?

ErgoRelax is a travel pillow intelligently designed to give users as much comfort as possible when traveling or camping.

The design is such that the pillow fully supports the neck and the head, making it easy for the user to fall asleep even when resting at awkward angles.

The pillow has a face window, as well as two holes for the harms so that it easy for the user to block out the noise and light (in case you want to) so you are not distracted as you rest. 

The pillow has multiple uses. You can use it the same way you’d use a traditional pillow, a feature that gives ErgoRelax more options than most other similar products.

The pillow is especially perfect for use while on the plane, train, camping, in the office, or while cruising in the sea.

ergorelax review

Why Do I Need ErgoRelax?

ErgoRelax has a special design that gives the users comfortable options so as to sleep even in difficult conditions. You see, a good travel pillow should give more than a traditional pillow.

This is because, among other reasons, when traveling, you’re not able to lie as you would lie in your bed. ErgoRelax is designed to give the user as much comfort as possible, even when they’re lying at an awkward angle. 

ErgoRelax can be packed down to small spaces, so you don’t have to worry about how to carry when traveling. It is also easy to set up. Unlike most other similar products that require a lot of time and energy to set up and get them to place, ErgoRelax only takes a few seconds to inflate.

You can use your mouth or the pump that it comes with. You want to be able to quickly get your travel pillow back into your bag when getting off the plane or train. ErgoRelax is easy to deflate; just open the valve cover and push down the black rubber sheet on it to release the air in seconds.

As mention earlier, this pillow doesn’t take up a lot of space. It is, therefore, easy to store once deflated. It also comes with a carry bag which you can tie to your suitcase. Weighing just 0.77lb.  ErgoRelax is a lightweight travel pillow, making it easy to carry around.

ErgoRelax Rating and Benefits

A group of researchers did a research on the pillow, we came across many customer reviews, most of which are positive.

We wanted to find out whether or not this product delivers as the manufacturer claims. So we did a small experiment with ErgoRelax and a similar product from a different brand.

While both products worked just right, we promptly noticed that ErgoRelax was more comfortable and flexible. It was softer, easier to set up and store, and took much less space than the other pillow.

ErgoRelax provided full support for the neck, head, and arms. In fact, the entire upper body felt so comfortable that it was easier to rest and fall asleep than as it was with the other pillow.

Some of the benefits of using ErgoRelax Include:

  • Provides full support to the neck, head, and the arms
  • It is easy to inflate and deflate
  • It is safe and durable
  • It takes up a small space, so packing is easy
  • Lightweight, making it easy to carry around
  • It has multiple uses
  • The best pillow for traveling and camping

Best Travel Neck Pillow for Airplanes

the ergorelax review

 We can’t help ourselves dozing off while traveling, especially if it takes a very long trip. Some people use this opportunity to have a little rest and gain energy.

But your little rest will be interrupted because you suddenly wake up because your neck hurts because of your uncomfortable sleeping style. Some bring pillows to their travel to have something comfy. Good thing we now have neck pillows to carry and use when we go travel.

Neck pillows are our lifesavers; ErgoRelax not only serves as a pillow, but it has more advantages in using one. Our bones in our necks or known as a cervical spine, its standard shape is called lordotic cervical curve or a gentle curve.

Once we lose the proper curve for a long time, like bending while sleeping, it stresses in our spine and other structure, and it is the real reason why we had neck pain.

Another great advantage of the neck pillow is that it prevents you from snoring, which is a little bit awkward when you snore loud with other strange people. If you snore while sleeping, using a neck pillow could be a good help for you.

The neck pillow helps you have the ideal position so that you can breathe properly. The common cause of snoring is the obstruction of the airways which is why you need this pillow to sleep properly.

Is ErgoRelax Perfect for travel?

Sometimes when we travel out of the country, we find it hard to sleep on the plane in other to gather energy on arrival to do a little arrangement Or even when we have an essential business trip that you need to prepare your report.

Lacking sleep affects our daily performance, plus you need to present your proposal once you arrived is frustrating. Well, we used our ride as the opportunity to take some rest and reserve some energy. 

ErgoRelax is not only a pillow that you can use when you want to take asleep, but it is made for an extraordinary purpose. Because like for example when we are riding a bus, we cannot lie down to get some sleep; the ErgoRelax is designed for you to have a comfortable sleep even when you are sitting.

It completely supports the head and neck, which has two armholes and face window. It will help you block the noisy and sometimes bright surroundings. You can put or rest your head on its top hole while hugging it in its two holes in its sides.

ErgoRelax is Easy to Use

There is some travel pillow that is heavy and bulky to bring, and it consumes a big space for your baggage. In ErgoRelax, it is an inflatable one in which you only need to blow it through your mouth or a used pump to inflate it. For only a few seconds in filling it, you will now have a soft inflatable travel pillow, and you will not have to bring a bulky travel pillow.

ErgoRelax is a Space Saver

Because ErgoRelax needs to be inflated, it can also be deflated. So, you can fold it into a compact size which you can easily carry and slide into your back. It only needs a small space, or it can be tied in the bag or suitcase.

ErgoRelax is Lightweight

ErgoRelax is very convenient to bring, which weighs only 0.77 lbs, so it’s like you don’t feel that you carry one.

Some Technical Facts and Features of ErgoRelax Travel Pillow

The pillow is intelligently designed to give users multiple options. Because of its thoughtful design, you can hug the pillow to sleep or lean on it from the sides. It is also so flexible that you can use a tray in front of you. You can also use the pillow as you’d use a traditional pillow.

The pillow is made from quality PVC flocking, a material that’s incredibly soft and comfortable. Unlike other similar products, the ErgoRelax is so soft it feels good on the skin, allowing you to rest without any distractions.

It is also worth mentioning that the ErgoRelax travel pillow can be used by any person. Children will find the pillow design fun, as it is soft and comfortable. If you find it impossible to fall asleep when traveling or camping, you should try this top-in-class travel pillow.

ErgoRelax Uses

ErgoRelax, as its common use is as to be a support pillow which you can use at in every angle you like; But it has a further use such as you can hug it while sleeping. You can also use it or lean on it, and so on. It is in which whatever position or use you want it.

Ergorelax review

ErgoRelax Materials

Well, the thing that is important in looking for a travel pillow is its materials used. So, in ErgoRelax are made in a PVC flocking that is incredibly soft and comfortable to use. Its softness is good for the skin that allows the user to have a good rest.

ErgoRelax is for Everyone

Some travel pillows are lightweight, which are suitable in a specific body type, and others are heavy that are not suitable for the children to use. But the ErgoRelax is the best for all; Its design and materials are made for everyone, even for the children.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • It’s Suitable for any age and gender
  • It is comfortable to use
  • It is made of non-toxic material


  • It’s hot sometimes
  • It can only be purchased online.


If you are the type that travels all the time or find yourself camping with friends a lot, ErgoRelax is just what you need. In other to go through all the uncomfortable conditions and still get a good sleep ErgoRelax is the key to archive this.

Not only does it grant you comfort but also prevents you from getting spine injuries from awkward positioning while trying to fall asleep.

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The promo is on a first-come, first-served basis, so if you delay, you might end up missing out and paying full price.

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