Super Lens Technology for SmartPhones is Finally Here – HD360X Zoom Review!

Taking pictures nowadays has become something very easy, after all, everyone walks around with a camera phone in their pocket, therefore it’s now easier than never to record moments, be it in photo or video.

Before you had to have a camera just for this…

But today, the famous family digital cameras has been knocked out by phones that can take even better pictures.

Although phones are made for amateur usage, this means that to achieve a more professional level of result, you have to invest a little.

Let’s analyze: If you’re a photographer and need equipments to work, prepare yourself to spend a lot of money, a real lot because photography is not cheap at all.

Now, if you’re a person that’s passionate about photography and don’t intend on spending much money, there’s a product that will help you achieve results far superior to camera phones and very similar to the professional cameras used by the best photographers.

This product is: TrueLens (HD360X Zoom Review) is a device that has changed the way to take photos nowadays, increasing the sharpness of the image and can increasing the zoom of your phone by up to 18 times.

TrueLens is a kind of lens that you plug into your phone’s camera for extraordinary results. Rest assured that your leisure moments and your Instagram photos will reach a higher level.

Interview with Professional Photographer: Is TrueLens Worth?

Our editorial team also contacted a professional photographer to talk a little about this product: John McHenry.

Asked about TrueLens features, he replied:
“Well, this new kind of gear has arrived so strongly in Nigeria and has everything it takes to change the way people take their photos, I don’t want to get into technical terms but it has a kind of lens that helps in increasing image resolution, allowing the zoom to be enlarged even more without losing quality…

He continues:
“…I even bought one, because carrying the camera everywhere is not very prudent, after all, it’s a very delicate device, different from TrueLens, which is very resistant and versatile. In fact, it’s a very wise acquisition”.

What are the Main Application of this New Technology – HD360X Zoom Lens Reviews?

As already mentioned, many paparazzi use this kind of device because they increase the zoom too much, giving the possibility to take long distance photos without losing quality, making excellent results and being able to release in a famous magazine cover.

After all, a player can be dating an actress or an actor was seen cutting a line, anyway…

This product has arrived recently and it’s making a huge success and not for less, the photos obtained with the help of TrueLens are really amazing and many professional photographers use this equipment.

  • Beautiful, Sharp Images – Made from premium grade glass, our lenses inside the HD360X Zoom Review delivers maximum sharpness, clarity and color with minimal distortion or artefacts, ensuring your photos and videos pop.
  • Tough and Rugged – The HD360x is constructed with aluminum alloy, making it the most durable phone lens on the planet. It will handle any bumps or drops with ease.
  • Light & Compact – At less than 3 inches long and weighing only 2 ounces, you’ll forget it’s even in your bag, purse or pocket. Perfect for travelling so you can finally leave your bulky camera at home.

Professional Cameras vs TrueLens

As already mentioned, TrueLens is used by countless professional photographers in the field. And many paparazzi use this equipment to record long-distance photos of celebrities.

And this happens for three reasons: TrueLens is much lighter than a professional camera; it’s much easier to handle and the quality of the photo may be identical, depending on how it was taken, in which the phone’s zoom is increased 18 times without losing quality.

After numerous paparazzi began to use, the product became popular abroad.

Our team contacted the official dealer and we discovered that the first batch of the product was quickly depleted.

Now there’s a second batch available and the forecast is that it will end quickly as well, after all, the waiting list for this product is huge.

What’s the best value for money?

If you’re a professional photographer, maybe a camera of more than $5.000,00 is the right one for you, although, if you want to take pictures with zoom up to 18 times, but with high quality.

TrueLens is the best option. At any point, these professionals need to be prepared and TrueLens is a great ally at these times.

And the cost of this equipment is paltry if compared to professional cameras, that’s why it’s becoming so popular.

If so many professionals are using it, it was only a matter of time before the great mass of photography fans began to gain access.

Therefore, the applications of this device are as varied as possible. Whatever the type of photo, TrueLens can help you with this task.

What Kind of Photos Can Be Taken?

It’s possible to take many kinds of photos with the different type of available lenses, But currently, the official dealer provides three types of Kits and each contains different equipment and lenses.

If you purchase the Kit with additional lenses you can further enhance the level of your photographs.

Photos taken with TrueLens

Final Evaluation on the HD360X Zoom Lens

In front of all the analysis done and the photos that can be obtained, it is really worth investing in the product.

It is something new that has been changing the way people take photos, it is worth for those who have taking photos as a hobby It’s an excellent investment.

Where to Find This Original Material?

This product can be found on the official website, if you see it anywhere else, be careful, as it may be a low-quality counterfeit.

The original is represented by the brand TrueLens. If you want to take a look at the available Kits and know more about this product, just go to the link below:

Along the paparazzi being increasingly discriminated against, it became almost impossible to get close to celebrities with a camera. Lenses with zoom became indispensable for those who live this profession! -Mark Hansel

If you want to take a look at the available Kits and know more about this product, just go to the link below:


  • Easy to use – Really anyone can use it
  • Extremely High Value for its Price
  • 50% Discount Currently Available


  • May Be Running Out Of Stock Soon

Bottom line: It has been a while since the public had access to such an important invention, for such reasonable prices. We’re glad that startup companies keep on pushing the bar higher, day by day.

To make this whole article about TrueLens we, from the editorial team, got in touch with the manufacturer and we got special pricing conditions that are unique to our readers.

So take advantage of these conditions (which include Discounts up to 50%) because they are for a limited time.

This product can be found on the official website, if you see it anywhere else, be careful, as it may be a low-quality counterfeit. The original is represented by the brand TrueLens.

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