Keurig has long been a pioneer in single-cup brewing. Keurig’s K200 finally allowed users to make coffee in bulk. That made the same Keurig coffee brewed with Keurig simplicity available for an entire breakfast table instead of individual java drinkers. In response to criticism that its spent pods were cluttering landfills, Keurig also made its 2.0 pods reusable, and held prices down to make the K200 a great entry-level Keurig.

To do all this, Keurig sacrificed variety. The K200 is compatible only with 2.0 pods, and to brew a whole carafe of coffee requires a Keurig-built accessory. That means someone who buys the Keurig K200 is locked into the Keurig product line.

keurig k200 is really good.

Less landfill waste

Keurigs get criticized for creating a lot of plastic waste. In response, Keurig released its 2.0 line, which features reusable K-cup pods. The K200 also accommodates a refillable coffee pod from online vendors that allows people to use their own coffee grounds. All of this significantly reduces the Keurig’s environmental footprint.

Brewing for strength and volume

The K200 has options for regular brew or strong brew for the same size cup. With past models, if you wanted stronger coffee, your only option was to simply brew less of it. Now you can brew a 10-ounce cup of coffee that is stronger than a six-ounce one. Keurig has also made brewing a full carafe of coffee a feature.


Keurig added some features its customers have wanted for years. What it didn’t add were complications. You might have more options on brew size and strength, but it’s still push-button coffee brewing. You just have an extra button or two to press before it gets to work.

  • Reusable pods for more eco-friendly usage.
  • It is very Affordable.
  • Simple to use.
  • For a Keurig, takes a long time to brew.
  • Requires special carafe to use carafe brew feature.
  • Compatible only with Keurig 2.0 pods.


Keurig’s 2.0 line sought to address complaints about environmental footprint and limitations in brew strength and brewing for volume. The company did that by designing reusable pods, and by adding a feature to accommodate a whole carafe.

In doing that, it limited customers to keurig 2.0 k200 review pods and a Keurig built-and-sold carafe. It also added time to the brewing process, so it’s not as fast and painless as in previous models. The K200 also lacks an auto-shutoff feature, so it’s not as carefree as previous Keurigs.

But that’s parsing details. The K200 is an affordable entry-level Keurig that is responsive to complaints customers had about its older models. It offers options in brewing strength and reduces its ecological footprint through reusable K-cup pods.


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