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The Led Power Flare also called ‘PowerFlare’ from PF Distribution Center Inc. is a military-grade safety light that uses LEDs to generate warning and safety lighting.

Safety is always a priority. Whether it be when hunting the backcountry, around my home, or in dealing with my car, you want to be safe.

This eliminates the need to use standard flares which can be hazardous, inconvenient, limited in brightness and service life.

The PowerFlare is virtually indestructible and is used all over the world by both the military and first-responders.

Its flexibility is enhanced by its heavy-duty magnet which allows it to be mounted on anything made of metal and since it is waterproof the PowerFlare is able to be used in any environment and any geographical location.

The Dangers of a Disabled Vehicle

When a car is disabled, a dangerous situation arises—especially if the vehicle was disabled at night.

A good flashlight, some know-how and careful car positioning may not be enough. Drivers are urged to have a great deal of safety when managing a breakdown, otherwise they may be nearly invisible to the passing eye—normally from a car.

Every year, different organizations create National Roadside Traffic Safety Awareness months to prepare drivers in the event of a roadside breakdown.

Several holidays are particularly dangerous for drivers “just waiting for the tow truck,” including:

  • Fourth of July Weekend
  • Memorial Day Weekend

Between impaired drivers, dark driving hours and unfamiliar holiday travel routes, these periods are especially dangerous for those handling a disabled vehicle.

This isn’t to say every other day of the year isn’t dangerous, however. Drivers involved in nighttime crashes are still more likely than not to be impaired almost 60-percent likely, in fact, between midnight and 3 a.m.

Rigorously tested – Highly Reliable Roadside Safety Discs

1Tac offers one of the best solutions around to protect drivers who’ve stalled on the side of the road. 

Roadside Safety Discs reflect oncoming light while sending out their own rays. Seeable up to 5,000 feet by oncoming motorists, the discs will indicate your position to any who may be passing by.

Roadside Safety Discs or Led Power Flare are also waterproof, durable enough to withstand being run over and pack long-lasting batteries. With a single click, the magnetic discs can be attached to your vehicle.

Because they’re highly affordable, Roadside Safety Discs are great bang-for-your-buck purchases.

Assuring your vehicle’s safety as well as your family’s has never been so easy. Make sure you’re prioritizing your protection if an emergency arises and take charge with Roadside Safety Discs the next time you’re facing a vehicle breakdown.

From our testing, we recommend having at least 6 Discs per vehicle. This will allow you to create enough of a warning to gradually steer people out of your way and make sure you get there attention. Don’t let a bad situation become a tragic one. Protect your family today.

Benefits of the Led Power Flare

They are bright and have a long battery life which makes them useful in:

  • emergency situations covered by the Guard’s Homeland Mission (Hurricane Mission/Winter Storms, HRF, CST, CERF-P),
  • marking ground vehicles, airplanes, or marine vessels –
    marking outdoor sleeping areas while units are training exercises or downrange,
  • temporary road lighting after a vehicle breakdown,
  • marking convoys moving below stated speed limits on your state roads,
  • marking training routes and destinations,
  • marking roads and construction areas on military posts,
  • marking people and vehicles moving on live fire ranges,
  • military police operations,
  • outfitting heavy wreckers with 6-packs of beacons for use when dealing with a broken-down vehicle (on the road or wearing the beacon – attaching it with a carabiner – to keep people safe moving around in the dark, or in inclement weather) AND marking the back end of the disable vehicle as it is towed,
  • lighting for temporary landing zones for helicopters, runways for fixed wing aircraft, and parachute drop zones,
  • medical/triage lighting to help manage large-scale incidents,
  • marking tips of rotor or fixed wing aircraft while towing on the ground at night or in inclement weather.

Here is what some of the experts are saying about being prepared for roadside emergencies:

  • DMV recommends that emergency Discs are carried in ALL cars. Even in cars with “limited” space, it is recommended as an Emergency Essential.
  • AAA, Esurance, Farmers, Geico and 21st century ALL recommend that Emergency Discs are carried in ALL vehicles.
  • Roadside Discs are “an emergency staple” – esurance.

Farmers Insurance goes onto to say this;

The Emergency Roadside Disc will help prevent these needless tragedies. Easily deploy these with a single push of a button, and they will be visible to oncoming motorists from over 5000 feet.

“Getting Stuck on the highway is not only stressful but also extremely risky. Poor visibility and high traffic can put you in danger just checking your ties and engine on the side of the road. Always keep a set of road Discs on hand so you can warn other motorists of your presence and create a safety zone between you and oncoming traffic.”

Farmers, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves.


The Led Power Flare Safety Light is made right here in the U.S.A. It is lightweight, has a 10 year shelf-life and won’t leak in extreme hot or cold temperatures.

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