Experts Shocked: Millions of Germs on Mobile Phones Transmit Disease.

LifeProtectX SaniTron Review: There’s a dangerous source of bacteria sitting in your pocket. You touch it when you’re at work.

You touch it when you’re eating. You touch it in the restroom, on the bus and when relaxing on your couch. It’s your mobile phone.

A recent study from the University of Arizona has revealed that your mobile phone can contain up to 10x more bacteria than your toilet seat. It’s a gross source of illnesses, skin infections and all kinds of diseases. And it’s on you all the time.

Experts from the University of Arizona have discovered that an average mobile phone has 10x as much bacteria as a toilet seat.

SmartPhones Carry More Germs Than You Know

At first, we were shocked to hear about this discovery. But on second thought it all made sense. Our hands pick up bacteria from the surfaces of many dirty objects and places every day. Think about it…

  • Do you use your phone while going to the bathroom? Restrooms are some of the most bacteria-populated public spaces.
  • Do you use your phone on public transport? Hundreds of people touch the bus every day, and you pick up all their germs.
  • Do you use your phone while shopping? Gross bacteria from money can easily get to your screen.

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions… worst of all, if you’ve answered yes to 2 or all 3 of these, your phone is a breeding place for bacteria. Especially if you keep it in a cozy place such as your pocket. Germs are known to breed rapidly in such warm and dark places.

All this makes your phone the perfect place for bacteria that could cause illnesses such as the flu or diarrhea; but also some very dangerous diseases from pathogens like Escherichia Coli or Staphylococcus.


Protect Yourself and Your Family Using UV-Light Technology

If you’re like most people, though, you’re probably not cleaning your phone on a daily basis. Nobody wants to do it.

But if you don’t, you’re making yourself an easy target for nasty bacteria, even deadly diseases. So it’s not just your own health on the line, but your entire family could be endangered.

There are a few things you could use to clean your phone quickly, without wasting too much time. Many assume that hand wipes will do the job. But most of them don’t kill much of the bacteria. 

Using disinfectant sprays will surely work, but it’s too time-consuming and their liquid can even damage your phone. The silver lining is probably a device that could do it for you, like SaniTron…

We actually have this nifty little device at the office. SaniTron uses UV ray technology to slash through germs.

The device will ensure your phone is perfectly clean by eliminating harmful bacteria from its surface, even in places that sanitizing wipes can’t reach.

It leverages a special frequency of UV light rays that are guaranteed not to damage your phone.

UV-Light is Used by Hospitals All Around the World

UV light is a known and proven technology which has been used by hospitals around the world before.

It’s widely known to be highly efficient against germs. However, the issue up until the invention of CleaniX has been the portability of such UV light devices. They were simply too big for anyone to carry around.

Thanks to the wise engineers at the CleaniX development center, you can now carry this Hospital-Grade disinfection device in your pocket and use it anywhere you need to.

It is now more important than ever to stay safe and stay away from germs. CleaniX is able to help you to do so.

Ultra Efficient and Super Easy to Use

SaniTron can kill up to 99.9% of bacteria in just 5 minutes, meaning you won’t need to wait hours for your phone to get clean.

It can accomodate phones with up to 6.5 in screen size. Simply place your cellphone in SaniTron when you come home, and it will be ready to use in a blink of an eye.

Plus, not only does SaniTron eliminate harmful germs, it’s also got an automatic wireless charger.

Just open the lid, place your phone inside and let SaniTron do the rest. You’ll have a clean and disinfected phone with more battery juice in a matter of minutes. It’s a double victory.

Nevertheless, SaniTron has an array of advantages over disinfectant sprays. SaniTron users enjoy a lot of benefits thanks to its revolutionary UV light-cleaning technology. Here’s just a brief overview of those advantages:

  • No skin irritation. Disinfectant sprays can cause irritation, especially if you have very sensitive skin. SaniTron uses UV rays to destroy germs on your phone, without chemicals that could land on your skin and cause rashes or burns.
  • No refills needed. Sanitation liquids are running out of stock all around the world. You’d be lucky to find one bottle, not to mention enough to last a few months! Plus, these can be very expensive. That’s why SaniTron is an economic investment. SaniTron doesn’t require refills, and will last you a lifetime. Keep your money in your pocket and ensure you can sanitize your phone whenever you need!
  • USB chargeagble. SaniTron doesn’t require any special power cords to charge up. Use a standard USB cable you’ve already got at home to quickly charge your SaniTron.
  • Highly portable. Huge sanitation liquids can’t be ported anywhere (some are even dangerous to carry around!) SaniTron was engineered to be small and portable enough to carry around. Put it in your backpack and take it with you on the go.
  • Significantly more efficient. SaniTron can disinfect up to 99.9% of bacteria on your phone within only 5 minutes. Alcohol sprays need to be applied manually and can even be dangerous to your health!

What SaniTron Users Are Saying

  • Cole H.: SaniTron is a super practical device. Works very quickly. My phone gets clean in a couple of minutes. I always use it when I come home with public transport.
  • Julia E.: Back in the day I was really nasty with mobile phone habits. I never cleaned it. Now SaniTron helps me maintain my personal hygiene at an even higher level. Who knows how many times I would’ve gotten sick if it weren’t for it!
  • Nonna G.: I take my phone everywhere with me. When I’m at the supermarket, in the kitchen, at work and sometimes even in the bathroom. It’s full of germs by the end of the day. So I leave it in SaniTron over night for a thorough cleaning and charge. Ready for a new day, fresh and battery full.

Final Verdict on LifeProtectX SaniTron

LifeProtectX SaniTron is the most revolutionary product of its kind. This breakthrough sanitizing device will keep your mobile phone clean and free of germs.

Protect yourself and your family. Leverage the power of UV rays; get SaniTron today and make germs disappear in seconds.

SaniTron is probably one of the smartest investments you’ll make today.

But SaniTron is flying off the shelves. Stocks are running out extremely quickly, so you better order today. The next batch of SaniTron could be months away. Purchase yours at this massive discount while it’s still in stock.


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