LumiMax Review

Imagine going on an adventurous camp night or a hike night, only for your flash light to ruin it all by not lasting long enough or staying bright for a long time. From me to you I give you lumiMax, one of the best ultra-bright LED headlight in the market.   

What is LumiMax?

LumiMax is a lightweight headlight that give you perfect vision during the night time. Moving around at night and camping has it catch but you can’t properly enjoy it without a good flashlight.

This gadget was built to give you a unique experience at night camping, normal batteries and torch run on dry or rechargeable cells that do not last for a long period of time.

About LumiMax

LumiMax Ultra-bright LED Headlight is a light weighted headlamp that when you wear it on your head it feels like a face cap.

The belt strap fits so perfectly on any size of head you won’t need to worry about it falling down when you ride a bicycle or take a hike.

This belt strap is made out of a very high quality fabric material that causes no itching, or skin allergies. With this headlamp you can do all sort of night movement, the brightness can be adjusted to suit your need.  

Benefits of LumiMax

LumiMax give you so many benefits to which most of them are listed below:

1. Waterproof material

The material used to make this device does not get affected by rain even the belt strap of the lumiMax Ultra-bright LED Headlight shows no effect. when the weather is hot and then you start sweating, people say the chemicals excreted from your body is enough to wash away the color of what you wear. Not for the belt, it was made out of good quality fabric to protect your skin from itching, allergies or infection as well as retaining its bright color.

2. Good quality LED

When we say good quality LED we don’t just mean good like the normal torches you know, we mean better, brighter light that the normal flashlights you know. The lumiMax Ultra-bright LED Headlight has a unique quality LED which has a great brightness for camping , hiking, and other ventures stuff.

3. Beam angle

The beam angle of the lumiMax Ultra-bright LED Headlight can be adjusted to any distance to suit your need. This headlamp is best used when going on hike, camping, hunting in the woods, bike riding and night walks. Apart from that the belt strap fits so firm you don’t need to worry about it slipping off.

4. Brightness adjustment

LumiMax Ultra-bright LED Headlight has the best brightness adjustment system to suit your need while going for night hunt. Asides that, you’ll need a portable headlight while changing your vehicles tires or going to turn on the generator. It can be of use in stormy weather, bad fog or harsh climate conditions.

5. It can be a good gift 

If you can’t come up with a gift to give a friend for his/her birthday or anniversary, LumiMax Ultra-bright LED Headlight may just be the thing. Its portable enough to carry with you anywhere.


Pros of Lumimax

  • It is very light weighted, it can be carried anywhere.
  • This headlamp fits any kind of head size.
  • It’s waterproof, that is could be used under the rain in the night.
  • There are different levels of adjustment to the brightness of the headlamp.
  • LumiMax has a good quality fabric for the strap on the headlight, it causes no skin irritation, itching, infection, allergies or burning sensation.
  • This device has a very good quality LED(lead emitting diode).

Cons of Lumimax

  • It can only be purchased online.


To have the best experience in camp you’ll need a good light source, LumiMax Ultra-bright LED Headlight can give you that. With its high quality LED brightness, portability and can be used in any harsh weather. This headlamp is worth having.

Hunting in the night is made easy with this headlamp, imagine running and holding a flashlight as well as your hunting tool.

The focus is just not high enough, but imagine running with your headlamp put on and holding your hunting tool with both hands firmly. I believe the chase is a win.

The only drawback to this product is that it can only be sold online so hurry and get one for yourself there’s  only a few left.

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