Sonic Wash Review

Whenever you worry about washing your cloths or accessories, I just know that is so annoying and not everyone likes to do that. In this Sonic Wash Review, we will tell you how to wash your belongings in style.

With this one device, you will be amazed at the type of thing it is able to do and at the same time provide you with a lot of free time to do other activities.

What is Sonic Wash?

Sonic Wash is an ultra-sonic washing device which keeps your cloths clean using an ultrasonic wave as its means of washing. 

All you need to do is provide a bowl with water, liquid detergent and the sonic wash device.

To get a near by laundry service especially when you are not in your home/ country can be very difficult, but with sonic wash it makes washing very easy.

sonic wash review

About the Sonic Wash Review

This is a small/portable lightweight device with a dimension of 40 by 80 by 60mm. It uses a power source that is connected to electricity through a USB port and has two layer protection wall for water resistance and impact. 

This  takes only about 15-30 minutes to get your cloth cleaned up using the ultrasonic wave at high frequency. 

It emits some vibration signals which dissolve all stains no matter the size of your cloth. You all should really tried this out, its worth it.

After washing, it automatically switches off to prevent excessive output. 

How can I use this device?

This part gets so many users in shock, when they discover what is really needed to keep there cloths always clean.

1. You simply need a bowl of water

2. Your cloths you wish to wash

3. A liquid detergent.

4. A power supply.

After you have all these in place, its time to switch the socket on with the device inside the bowl of water. 

Then you sit back and relax, or perform some other activities for the next 15-30 minutes and let the device do its thing. 

After 15-30 minutes, you can then pick your cloth out and be amazed about how clean it is.

Note that this device does not only work on cloths, you can use this with other accessories you wish to keep clean. Example – jewelries, fruits etc.

Sonic Wash

Features of Sonic Wash 

This sonic wash device has so many amazing features which not simply performs, for that I will list them out for you to take a look for yourself.

Multiple functionality – Sonic Wash has a wide range of washing items such as garments, towels, socks, clothes, fruits and vegetables, jewelry, and even foot wears.

Effective decontamination – On activity this Sonic Wash produces exceptionally high frequency vibration, that on contact with your cloth breaks down any stain without harming the cloth’s texture.

Safe and reliable – This gadget was designed to keep going for a long time, with its two fold layered protection, plastic cover and a nano covering tech layer intended to resist against water, dust and impact. With these, it makes it water proof and able to withstand harsh conditions.

Maximum portability – SonicWash is intended to work anyplace. As convenient as it is light weighted and smaller, its power supply is guaranteed. You can make use of a power bank if you wish. This implies you need not bother about power supply, you can wash anyplace and anytime.

100% eco-friendly – Sonic Wash makes washing fun by saving you valuable time. All it requires from you is to put it inside the water after you’ve put the essential things, then you can relax for 30minutes which is the proper time to get the best result out of it.

Completely user friendly – As special as this gadget seems, it’s made to be used by anyone, both the young and old can use it since it doesn’t require any specialized skill. By plugging it to a 5V power connector and turning it on. It promptly enters its cleaning mode for washing. 

Sonic wash review

Technical Features of Sonic Wash Review

  1. Dimensions – 40*80*60mm
  2. Electrical output current – 1A, Voltage – 5Volts
  3. Mode of operation – Ultrasonic
  4. Power supply – 5watts
  5. Interface type – USB port(Original plug)
  6. Product net weight – About 135g/4.8oz
  7. Vibration chip – Titanium crystal oscillator, Washing range – several clothes, fruits, and jewelry.
  8. Operational time – 30minutes (To get best result)
  9. Waterproof layers – It has 2 insulation plastic covers and a waterproof nano coating layer.

Amazing Benefits of Sonic Wash

Aside from its different usefulness, Sonic Wash has other astonishing advantages like: 

It’s ideal for travelers for its portable use as well as in the time of packing your things, you don’t need to be frightened about it breaking due to the much load laying on it. Its is very strong.

Sonic Wash is labeled eco-friendly because of its beneficial things it help us with by saving water, energy and operating without causing any harmful radiation or wear of material.

It’s light weight and can be held hanged on wall to make space for small homes.

It can very well be used at evening time to wash for individuals that like washing around evening time without making any noise to upset other people resting. 

sonic wash review
Sonic Wash

For what reason do I need this device? [Sonic Wash Review] 

  • After all we have read above I know Everybody needs Sonic Wash. Travellers don’t have to stress over washing because of this gadget, extremely busy men and women that return late and tired. Who needs to wash fast without noise, this Sonic Wash is here for you! 
  • For moms who need to wash exceptionally hard materials with hard to reach areas, this sonic wash is the solution.
  • At the point when you forget to switch off the device, maybe because you slept off, don’t worry because the gadget turns off after 30minutes of washing.
  • People who are really busy and want to wash some of their daily clothes quickly.
  • People who travel a lot need this device.
  • People who have little space in their apartment that can’t put a washing machine because of size.
  • It’s also for people who want to save water.
  • People with loud washing machine that want to wash at night.
  • For people who don’t want to use public washing machine.
  • It’s also for people with fragile fabrics who don’t want the washing machine to damage it.
  • For people who don’t want to waste time, that are in need of a quick wash.
  • People who have shortage of power supply.
sonic wash

Pros of Sonic Wash

  • 100% eco-friendly and efficient.
  • This device is really portable(can be used anywhere).
  • Sonic Wash is noiseless when in use.
  • It uses lesser amount of water compared to the local washing machine.
  • It can be powered anywhere(supported by power bank).
  • Sonic Wash washes any fabric without damaging it unlike the local washing machine.
  • It can survive harsh conditions.
  • Does not require any technical skill for operation.

Cons of Sonic Wash

It is directly purchased online from the company, I know some people may frown at this but it is to prevent you from scammers.


Sonic Wash is a stunning and creative gadget that brings satisfaction to its users. We must say that this device is a need by every individual who loves to save time from washing cloth and using that time to perform more activities.

There’s just a couple of this device left, so it will be best you get one now. Thick of all the pressure you’ll relieve yourself from on buying this gadget.


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