Here comes the Mini pocket (foldable) Tactic Air Drone Review with HD camera, cheap and affordable

Try to picture having a Mini drone with HD camera inside your pocket and use it for a million ways you could ever imagine, anytime and anywhere. Tactic Air Drone review, this idea is really happening:

First, there was the standard selfie, then the selfie stick, and now the next evolution of the selfie has arrived! The one which is foldable, lightweight and really unique.

Nobody knows who did it first, but soon thousands of people in undefined started uploading incredible selfies from insane angles, from interesting places. They uploaded them to social media and soon EVERYONE wanted to do the same!

Now, this new type of selfies has taken off – Literally – across the world!

Talking about Tactic Air Drone

It’s about the breakthrough new Tactic Air Drone, a brand new type of drone made so that anyone can fly it. It’s perfect for making the ultimate selfies!

It is the same size as a smartphone, and super easy to use. This might be the first drone that was made for the entire population.

Tactic Air Drone was designed by 2 genius German engineers, who love drones. They found that the drones they had were very bulky, heavy and difficult to travel with, which is why they designed this ultracompact drone, without sacrificing the main features of the drones.

It’s firm, it’s easy to use, and it can Livestream and record video clips on your phone! And it’s much affordable (under $100, limited time offer).

People are using them to take ‘the ultimate selfies’ – the results are incredible…

Tactic air drone review is just the best.

Is it easy to fly and take pictures/videos?

Yes! We were surprised how easy it was to set it up. First, you will need to install an app (just scan the QR code from the manual), as simple as that.

Once you’ve done that, just plug in the battery, start the app, and connect your drone. In less than 10 seconds, you will be ready to go!

And the best part is, the flying is very easy. The controls are just superb, very intuitive. Flying this drone just feels natural. Some younger colleagues were in the office at that moment and they rolled with it within a few seconds. 

Their first drone flight ever. It is just amazing how easy and fluid controls are! Once you’re in the air, it’s time to use the built-in camera. 

You can take the most amazing photos and videos. Create videos from almost impossible angles and impress your friends with the coolest selfies!

What makes this one so special?

The main advantages of Tactic Air Drone are its portability, ease of use, HD camera and price.

This drone is hardly bigger than a smartphone. Combined with its foldable rotors, you got the world’s most portable drone. It will fit into every pocket or a backpack!

It’s very easy to use!!

Absolutely everyone can fly it! Its controls were designed to perfection. It also has incredible hovering capabilities. You do not have to focus on height, just steer and enjoy your flight!

A drone named like this obviously comes with a high-quality camera. Tactic Air Drone is just perfect for taking amazing pictures and videos.When flying is so easy, you can fully concentrate on taking stunning shots. Film nature, friends and even yourself in amazing quality!

And so far we have not even mentioned that the drone is made of ABS plastic, which makes the drone much lighter and stronger.

Last but not least, the price is quite low. Less than $100 for a drone of this quality. This has to be the best price-quality drone there!

Camera: equipped with 2 cameras 4K HD camera to record video or take high resolution photos;

Dual Wide-Angle Cameras: See and record from both cameras simultaneously with split screen, picture-in-picture or separately

Remote control: Included 2.4 GHZ folding remote control, which attaches to your mobile phone to so you can view the images and video during the flight;

Optical Flow Sensor: Device that stabilizes thes cameras during flight, allowing clear images and videos under any circumstances;

Compatibility: Compatible with any Android phone or OS (Apple) system;

Dimensions: With the blades folded, the dimensions are 6.2cm x 4.9cm x 3cm, which makes the drone super portable.

Weight: 85 grams

Range: 70 meters

Max Speed: 50 mph

Flying time: 20 minutes

Smartphone Control: Connect the drone to your phone of any operating system;

Stability Sensors in Altitude: Altitude hold: it hovers in the air in a very stable way;

Headless Mode: You can fly it in any direction;

Portable Design: the propellers are foldable, which makes it fit in your pocket.

Follow Me Mode: This is a cool feature, since no matter if I´m are running, jumping or cycling the drone can follow me with just one click.

Gesture Control: I can simply draw the flight path I want on my smartphone display and the drone will execute it.

Is the Tactic Air Drone for You?

No Tactic air drone review would be complete without asking the question “is it the right drone for you?”

If you’re happy with a cheap drone for the kids and you’re not concerned about taking videos or still shots, then there are plenty of sub-$100 options on the market. However, the Tactic is cheap enough that it should still be a strong contender even for those on a pretty tight budget.

It offers plenty of advanced features, including optical flow technology, twin 4k cameras, gesture recognition control, and a smart follow-me mode. These features alone make it an excellent choice for any drone enthusiast or beginner who simply wants a little more bang for their buck.

In summary, the tactic air drone priced at $198 is a relatively cheap drone with some premium features seen in $800 to $1500 drones. But obviously, don’t expect to get all the high-end features you’d get if you buy a thousand dollar drone.

The tactic air drone is a good compromise, it’s the closest thing you’d get to a premium drone at that price.

This drone is great, is it expensive?

That’s what we all want to know, right? I guessed it would be like $300 to $400, but I was wrong. They sell it for $99(limited time offer), which is tremendously cheap for a drone of this quality!

How to buy a Tactic Air Drone

The following information can be found on the Internet about the manufacturer/provider of the product:

Company name and address:
Hyper Sls Ltd
7/F, The Grande Building
398-402 Kwun Tong Road, Kowloon, HongKong

That’s super easy. You can buy it from the official website.



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