Xwatch SmartWatch Review

Its an apple watch copy no doubt however that is with valid justifications, the makers of this watch are essentially following a thought that is demonstrated to work, read the Xwatch SmartWatch Review carefully.

Apple has done practically everything by seeing if purchasers like the square shape smartwatch, presently what big brands are doing is taking motivation from that idea and turning out with new and energizing developments on that unique idea.

Today we will discuss one such brand. The Xwatch, appealing name right?

How about we Dive in..

XWatch Review

The XWatch is a smartwatch planned in view of two things. Quality and style. It is a top of the line smartwatch with bunches of fascinating features (We’ll get into that later).

Its planned by a similar Chinese makers that produce a great deal of the smartwatch so he can make a brilliant quality.


Xwatch SmartWatch Review Specifications

Device Size44 * 38 * 10.7mm
Device Weight50g
ChargingUSB Charging
ColorBlack or Silver
Screen Display1.5 HD IPS, 240 * 240 Touchable Screen
Bluetooth3.0 & 4.0 Support Bluetooth Calling
Battery380 MAH Large capacity Polymer
IP ratingIP67 ( or 5ATM )

What I like About the XWatch Smartwatch

Design and Feel

The XWatch is produced using top notch materials and has smooth bends that give it a lavish vibe. The front and back are cased in glass which wipes effectively and looks noteworthy

The strap is produced using silicone and feels good when worn, making it ideal for exercise and easy-going use.


This is a component of the XWatch I like so much. For those attempting to shed pounds or keep up a sound way of life, cardio is strongly suggested.

Regardless of whether it’s strolling or running, you can even now get the normal medical advantages. Make the Xwatch smartwatch your own cardio mentor with its in-built pedometer

Direct telephone calls by means of the inherent speaker and amplifier

Definitely, it’s hard to believe, but it’s true, you can answer your calls legitimately from your XWatch by means of the implicit speaker and mouthpiece. Which are both of high caliber so your call will be as smooth or fresh as would be expected.

You may be asking why you would need to answer your phone calls from your watch in any case, for what reason don’t I simply use my phone?

Well in situations when you are exercising or your phone isn’t simply with you (possibly you are charging in your room), it tends to be a hard trying to reach your phone when you could simply get the call immediately from your smartwatch. You can easily connect your phone to the smartwatch using the bluetooth connector.

Beside noting and making calls, the XWatch can likewise do a great deal of the critical features a cell phone can do. It can check messages, check your call logs, set alerts and even address your schedule to set updates.

It resembles having the a cell phone on your wrist.

Battery That Lasts As Long As You Do

Short story; 3-5 days of battery life relying upon use of the watch.

Long Story; The Xwatch battery life is intended to keep going as long as you need it to, it relies upon how serious you use your smartwatch, are you make use of music every minute of the day or are you utilizing it to determine the status of your messages or make a few calls to a great extent you choose.

However you can make certain of a sensibly long battery life that keeps going within the range of 3 to 5 days.

Over this, it just takes 1 hour to charge by means of USB port.

xwatch manual

Vibrant Display of the Xwatch SmartWatch Review

Your smartwatch is just beautiful from the onset.

The Xwatch is great in this division with its top notch HD retina show, which coordinates those of better quality brands.

I don’t think about you however if I am paying several dollars for a smartwatch, it better have a great presentation, nobody needs to have so many buttons on their smartwatch.

The XWatch has got you interested.

waterproof smart watch

What I Don’t Like About XWatch

It can only be bought online

However, the Xwatch must be purchased online from the company’s authentic site, this is done to decrease the cost of the smartwatch.

Selling through retailers will add more money to the cost. So in spite of the fact that this may be a mood killer for certain individuals as they might want to see and feel the watch before getting, it is additionally something beneficial for a few, because buying directly from the company decreases the cost of the smartwatch.

It looks too much like the Apple Watch

This is additionally something else I don’t like about the Xwatch, its likeness to the Apple watch. I feel they ought to have thought of a progressively unique structure, to make their image stick out, yet in any case, I feel they were following what works in the market as Apple watches have been known to sell well.

Likewise, a few people may even like the way that it looks like an Apple watch, those cost a higher price yet you can purchase something very comparable at a very low cost which is the Xwatch. Appears to be a nice move.

Who is the Xwatch Perfect For?

This is an intriguing question.

Well, I will put forth a good effort to answer it.

If you’ve at any point needed a decent smartwatch, say an Apple Watch or the Samsung Galaxy smartwatch and see it was unreasonably costly for you, then the Xwatch will be ideal for you. It has a great deal of the cool features all these top smartwatches have and yet it costs only a small amount of the money, in addition to its looks and configuration are really smooth.

Also, if you’ve never had a smartwatch, at this point the Xwatch presents that opportunity where you will have all the cool stuff a smartwatch can do like following your rest design, step checking, recording your heartbeat rate, making phone calls and more.

In Conclusion

The Xwatch is a truly flawless all-round smartwatch, so if you were considering getting a smartwatch, and you are searching for the best for your cash, then this is a good decision for you.

Xwatch review

What’s The Price & Where Can I Get The XWatch

At whatever point you choose to buy any product on the internet, the most secure choice will consistently be the product’s legitimate site.

The official cost of the Xwatch is $198, which is still significantly less expensive than different smartwatches which are stacked with the same features of the Xwatch.

However, if you are keen on getting the Xwatch, then click the button below to be arrive at the company’s authentic site.

**Update – The Xwatch is currently on an ongoing promo where you can get the device for just $99, that is around 50% OFF.

This is on a first come first serve basis as there are limited supplies, so at the time of you reading this the promo might already be over.

Click the button below if you are interested in taking advantage of this promo before it ends.


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